03L130235F Fuel Return RAIL For VW Golf VI (5K1) 2.0TDI


Type:Injector Leak Off Pipe / Fuel Return Line
/ Diesel Leak Off Pipe
Color :Black
Size:50.0 x 30.0 x 20.0 cm
Car Model:VW Golf VI (5K1) 
OEM Number :03L130235F | 03L130235K | 03L130235S
Engine Type:Engine Fuel System
03L130235F (1).jpg
03L130235F (3).jpg

2.Feature :

Durable and long service life.
A perfect aftermarket replacement.
lightweight and easy to install.
High resistance to environmental conditions
High resistance to the dispersal of particles and external parts


VW Golf VI (5K1) 2.0TDI

03L130235F (7).jpg

4.Technical Data:

VWEOS (1F7, 1F8)2.0 TDI 16V[200805-201508]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWGOLF PLUS V (5M1, 521)2.0 TDI 16V[200501-201312]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWGOLF PLUS V (5M1, 521)2.0 TDI[200505-201312]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWGOLF V Variant (1K5)2.0 TDI 16V[200706-200907]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWGOLF V Variant (1K5)2.0 TDI[200706-200907]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWGOLF VI (5K1)2.0 TDI[200810-201211]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWGOLF VI (5K1)2.0 TDI[200810-201211]81Kw110PS1968ccm
VWGOLF VI (5K1)2.0 TDI[200810-201305]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWJETTA III (1K2)2.0 TDI 16V[200508-201010]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWJETTA III (1K2)2.0 TDI[200509-201010]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWJETTA III (1K2)2.0 TDI[200610-201010]125Kw170PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 (3C2)2.0 BlueTDI[200901-201011]105Kw143PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 (3C2)2.0 TDI 16V 4motion[200503-201008]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 (3C2)2.0 TDI 16V[200503-201007]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 (3C2)2.0 TDI[200503-201011]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 (3C2)2.0 TDI[200508-201007]125Kw170PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 Variant (3C5)2.0 BlueTDI[200901-201011]105Kw143PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 Variant (3C5)2.0 TDI 16V[200508-201011]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 Variant (3C5)2.0 TDI[200508-201011]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT B6 Variant (3C5)2.0 TDI[200508-201011]125Kw170PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT CC B6 (357)2.0 TDI[200806-201105]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWPASSAT CC B6 (357)2.0 TDI[200806-201201]125Kw170PS1968ccm
VWSCIROCCO III (137, 138)2.0 TDI[200808-201711]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWSCIROCCO Van (137)2.0 TDi[200808-201405]103Kw140PS1968ccm
VWTIGUAN (5N_)2.0 TDI 4motion[200709-201807]125Kw170PS1968ccm
VWTIGUAN (5N_)2.0 TDI 4motion[200711-201807]100Kw136PS1968ccm
VWTIGUAN (5N_)2.0 TDI 4motion[200802-200908]120Kw163PS1968ccm
VWTIGUAN (5N_)2.0 TDI[200803-201807]103Kw140PS1968ccm

About Us:

Shijiazhuang Standards Rubber Products Co., LTD. is a highly professional total solutions provider of automotive fluid transfer products in china.
Our products include Fuel pipe assembly, Diesel Leak off Pipe, SCR pipe assembly, Injection fuel supply pipe assembly,
Rubber hose assembly, Silicone radiator, air & vacuum hoses, etc.
With wide use in automotive, commercial vehicles, ships, trains, engineering machinery, agricultural equipment, etc.
We have our own production base in Hengshui and Hangzhou city.
We have specialized in this field for over 15 years and we expand international business since 2012.
We are always dedicated to the production of auto hose/pipe and assembly in high quality,
the products are being exported to the world including the USA, Europe, Middle East, South America, Africa, and South-East Asian Nations.

Business Scope:

Quick Connectors
Pneumatic Coupling
Diesel Leak Off Pipe / Fuel Line Pipe
Urea pipe line /SCR Adblue tube assembly
Diesel leak off pipe/fuel return hose

Why Choose US:

Many years of experience in the auto parts industry.
Designing team for new products development
Have more than 200 molds
Free samples for customers
Delivery time control for mass order


100pcs Leak off pipe or 1pcs Leak off pipe
PE bag + carton or as per clients’ requirements

Packaging of Diesel Leak Off Pipe.jpg


Shipping by sea/air /courier (FedEx /DHL/TNT/UPS/China Post) according to your requests.
Sending the goods to your Chinese agent’s warehouse is also workable.

Shipping 2.png

Contact Us:

Manger Gao

Email: sales@taihangseals.com


Tel:  0086-311-67267751      Fax: 0086-311-67267751

Web site: www.stdrubberhose.com

Add:  No.260, Tangu Nan Street, Yuhua District, 050035, Shijiazhuang,  Hebei, China  

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