4C1Q9K022AB Fuel Injection Return Pipe For Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI


Type:Fuel Injection Return Pipe / fuel return line
/ Injector Leak off pipes
Color :Black
Size:50.0 x 40.0 x 30.0 cm
Car Model:Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI
OEM Number :4C1Q9K022AB,1330145,4C1Q 9K022 AB,4C1Q-9K022-AB
Engine Type:Engine Fuel System

2.Feature :

Durable and long service life.
A perfect aftermarket replacement.
lightweight and easy to install.
High resistance to environmental conditions
High resistance to the dispersal of particles and external parts


Ford Transit 2.4 TDCI

4.Technical Data:

FordTransitFWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.4 TDdi20062402cc 66KW 90HP
FordTransitFWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.0 DI20061998cc 63KW 86HP
FordTransitRWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.4 DI20062402cc 66KW 90HP
FordTransitRWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.4 DI RWD20062402cc 88KW 120HP
FordTransitRWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.4 TDCi20062402cc 101KW 137HP
FordTransitFWD — FM_,FN_2.0 DI20061998cc 63KW 86HP
FordTransitRWD — FM_,FN_2.4 DI20062402cc 66KW 90HP
FordTransitRWD — FM_,FN_2.4 DI20062402cc 88KW 120HP
FordTransitRWD — FM_,FN_2.4 TDCi20062402cc 101KW 137HP
FordTransitFWD — FA_2.0 DI20061998cc 63KW 86HP
FordTransitRWD — FA_2.4 DI20062402cc 66KW 90HP
FordTransitRWD — FA_2.4 DI RWD20062402cc 88KW 120HP
FordTransitRWD — FA_2.4 TDCi20062402cc 101KW 137HP
FordTransitRWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.3 16V RWD20062295cc 107KW 146HP
FordTransitRWD — FM_,FN_2.3 16V20062295cc 107KW 146HP
FordTransitRWD — FA_2.320062295cc 105KW 143HP
FordTransitRWD — FA_2.3 16V RWD20062295cc 107KW 146HP
FordTransitRWD — FA_2.3 Bi-Fuel20062295cc 105KW 143HP
FordTransitFWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.4 TDdi20052402cc 66KW 90HP
FordTransitFWD — FB_,FC_,FD_,FS_,FZ_2.0 DI20051998cc 63KW 86HP


100pcs Leak off pipe or 1pcs Leak off pipe
PE bag + carton or as per clients’ requirements

Packaging of Ford Diesel Leak Off Pipe.jpg


Shipping by sea/air /courier (FedEx /DHL/TNT/UPS/China Post) according to your requests.
Sending the goods to your Chinese agent’s warehouse is also workable.

Shipping 2.png

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