high temperature food grade silicone hose

 High temperature food grade silicone hose is a flexible silicone hose, used to transport various liquid viscous liquids and powder solids and other material media. The raw material is vulcanized platinum rubber raw material, and additives such as white carbon black are added in the refining process, which is a silicone hose with good performance. It has excellent insulation properties, anti-aging properties, chemical stability, oxidation resistance, radiation resistance, good air permeability, high temperature resistance, high transparency, odorless, non-toxic, high transparency, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, Long life; with the advantages of no hardening, no discoloration, no yellowing, and no long-term frosting, the uniform silicone hose made of vulcanization improves its pressure resistance, making it an ideal choice for drainage applications.

High temperature food grade silicone hose uses imported silicone rubber raw materials and a platinum catalytic system, which is specially designed for high-purity occasions. Its ultra-smooth silicone hose inner wall can reduce the probability of adsorbing particles and accumulating microorganisms when transporting sensitive liquids, and the smooth fluid channel is beneficial for cleaning and disinfection for the entire system. The food-grade silicone hose produced by the pharmaceutical factory using silica gel as the raw material adopts the platinum vulcanization process to eliminate the extraction problems often encountered with other vulcanization methods. Another feature is the adoption of the iso10993 standard, which saves users the cost and time of verification process, and enhances the silicone hose‘s ability to withstand higher working pressures.

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