The silicone hose molding step can be slow

The choice of the right type of silicone rubber elastomer for the specific purpose of the silicone hose is largely a matter of personal preference and equipment availability; there is a high-viscosity silicone rubber vulcanized with peroxide in terms of physical properties, in addition to curing There is almost no visible difference between solid silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber. However, these materials differ significantly in the processing that be associated with the manufacture of medical devices and components.

Silicone tubing is used in extrusion applications, and high-consistency siloxane is the material of choice. Liquid silicone rubber does not exhibit the necessity to maintain the green strength of extruded profiles until they can be vulcanized. Either peroxide or addition curing systems can be used, although peroxide systems require additional post-curing steps.

For molding applications, either high consistency or liquid silicone is acceptable. For facilities that are already processing high-consistency elastomers, continuing with the same type of material can be the most effective and cost-effective process of action. However, the use of liquid silicone rubber in new operations entering the market should be seriously considered, because the capital cost and labor involved are significantly lower than the processing of high-consistency materials. Regardless of the choice, a broad knowledge base exists to provide technical assistance, and material and equipment suppliers are provided to share their expertise and help ensure manufacturing success.

The silicone hose handles liquid silicone rubber; in contrast, with high-consistency materials, the processing of liquid silicone rubber elastomers only requires three steps: mixing, molding and trimming. The main advantage of the liquid silicone rubber system is that it is designed to be used in a highly automated, closed system with very little labor required once the system has been put into operation.

The first step of mixing of silica gel raw materials with silicone hose, Mixing of silica gel raw materials, is carried out with an air bucket or a bucket pump. These pumps provide two parts of liquid silicone rubber-in a ratio of 1:1-to a multi-element static mixer, in which the two parts are airlessly mixed until they are uniform. Metering-The mixing system has been greatly improved over the years, and also allows for the controlled incorporation of other additives such as pigments. The cost of a one-meter hybrid system is approximately US$15,000 to US$25,000.

The molding of the molded liquid silicone rubber is done using a modified plastic injection molding machine. These machines are highly automated, and once they are put into operation, almost no manual operation is required. The cost of this equipment is approximately $1,000 to $2,000 per ton. The most expensive liquid silicone rubber elastomer is the cost related to the design and production of the mold itself. Depending on the complexity, the mold can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars from a few thousand. The recent launch of several supplier’s all-electric injection molding machines bodes well for the future of liquid silicone rubber injection molding in the medical device industry, because these units can be used in a clean environment from typical hydraulic presses to eliminate  potential pollution through hydraulic oil.

For typical applications, the finishing process is unnecessary for liquid silicone rubber injection molding systems. In the mold, if the proper tooling is used, the smallest flash will be produced, eliminating the need for trimming. Likewise, because these materials use an additive curing mechanism, there is no need for a post-curing cycle, although it can be performed to stabilize or improve the properties of the cured position.


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